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February 22 2018

United Independent Pools

Excellence in risk management through Local Government partnerships

UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS is an incorporated organisation initially formed by two Sydney based Local Government risk management Pools, Westpool and Metro Pool.

UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS was created to provide a central co-ordinated range of risk management functions with the aims of:-

  • Reducing insurance costs through bulk purchase of insurance
  • Centralise duplicated functions and obtain economies of scale and improved efficiency
  • Provide a focal point for the promotion and marketing of Pools
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information, ideas and resources for the benefit of Members

UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS also welcomes individual Councils to join as Associate Members and gain access to a range of services and benefits, which are available to all Members.

UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS represents Westpool and Metro Pool but on the basis that each Pool maintains its own independence of operations.

The functions and responsibilities of UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS are delegated to it by each of the Pools.

UNITED INDEPENDENT POOLS is a flexible organisation, formed with the objective of assisting Members in implementing risk management solutions within their organisation and encouraging the growth of insurance Pools.


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